Why Are Some Websites Expensive? Is It Worth Investing?

Let's start with an example, out of hundreds of brands, why are bags from Gucci and Louis Vuitton so expensive? After all, it's just a bag, that we use to carry our personal stuff while traveling.


So, does it really matter if the bag is manufactured by a local factory or an International Brand highly celebrated worldwide? Well, the simple answer is: it depends upon what value you are looking up to. If style and brand are your primary focus, you wouldn't mind spending a couple of thousand dollars on a Bag but if your purpose is only to carry the things around, cheaper options don't really bother you. 


Similarly, when you choose to invest in a website for your business, you must point out the factors that affect you and your business. 


It is a globally accepted notion that product/service quality, brand name, production method, features and style, and after-sales service are a few factors that play a role in the differences in the price of any product or service including Website Design and Development. The nature of business could be one factor and size or area of operation could be another. Your potential audience also needs to be kept in mind while planning the marketing strategies.


You must determine whether you need the website to fulfill only the basic functions like a brochure or do you need something well designed, structured, automated, and that lasts a longer period of time. Whatever you determine for your business will correlate directly with the price you pay. 


Let's have a look at a few points that cause the variation in prices of the Website:


Standard of Design 

Design is one of the most important identities as well as intellectual property for a website. A unique and attractive design requires research, effort, and expertise of course. A Website design from a template is much cheaper than the one created by a professional designer. In addition, the design of your website determines the Dwell time, Click Through Rate, and ultimately sales through your website. 


Therefore, when you choose to invest in a highly attractive, unique, and original design, you can expect a higher range of investment. On the other hand, if you can settle with the Template designs most probably used by a couple more businesses, they are much cheaper, making the cost of your website cheaper. 


Service Provider


There are thousands of companies that offer Website Design and Development services but undoubtedly, their prices vary. And the reason is more than one. 


Firstly, the cost of Website Design and Development by a freelancing Developer is cheaper than that proposed by a company with a team. However, different companies have different cost structures. The level of expertise they have and the perfection they provide can push the cost towards the higher end. If you expect a few extended services like idea generation, documentation, and consultation, you should definitely value their time and the cost that adds up. 


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On the other hand, freelancing developers can offer you a cheaper option but might not be reliable for long-term after-sales service. After all, websites are not built for a short period of time. 


Secondly, look for their reputation. A well-reputed and established company will indeed have a bit higher charges than a freelancer, for the security it provides to your investment. 




There are numerous types of websites ranging from Simple Brochure Websites to Vast and Complex Multi-Platform Web Applications. There are unlimited possibilities to integrate as many features as you want and need into your website. However, that will come up with some good quotations. 


Simply, the more features you want, the more costly the website is going to be.


Scalability and Flexibility


Having discussed features, websites must also be scalable and flexible for amendments and improvisation. With a well-structured website code by a professional Developer comes a good cost for developing it. Scalable and flexible websites need monitoring and updates in order to remain updated with future trends and practices. Want a scalable website, don't hesitate about the initial costs. 


After-sales service


Developing a Website is not enough. You need constant monitoring and supervision to ensure the best performance of your Digital Asset. Companies that do not actually provide a good after-sales service might charge you less than those who do serve you even after the deployment of your project. When you invest well, make sure your website is well taken care of!


Your Involvement Required


Let's start with an example, you have a business and want to develop a Website but you do not have any idea of where to start. So you hire someone who knows it and can suggest to you the best possible ways to make a profit out of your investment. This involvement and consultation will have cost applicable. On the other hand, if you are well aware of what you doing and provide all the necessary documents like Software Requirement Specifications (SRS) and present your detailed picture of what and how your website should look, you will definitely save time and money. 


Therefore, the level of your involvement, knowledge, and feedback will determine the cost of developing the website for your business. 


There could be other many reasons for the variation in the price quoted by companies. 


At Rewa Soft, we calculate the prices scientifically and logically to provide the best to our clients. Based on the features that you need, the level of customer care you will require, and the complexity of your Website, you will be given an estimated quotation before you actually start the project with us. Our team of experts will design modern, responsive as well as scalable websites for you and your business just the way you want them.

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Why Are Some Websites Expensive? Is It Worth Investing?
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