Company Overview

Started with a vision to identify and fulfil the Web requirements of businesses in Kathmandu, Rewa Soft has been able to serve not only local businesses but also large businesses within and outside the country. Rewa Soft has been serving the companies in Nepal, the U.S.A, Australia, and Germany with same dedication and expertise that has made us the best for our clients. Excellent customer service, on time project delivery, responsive and optimized sites, best possible UI/UX, Service provider cum business consultation are some areas in which we have prioritized and succeeded.


The founder/managing director of Rewa Soft, Mr. Ankur Mourya has always believed that the success of any organization can be created by the value that it adds in customer's life or the society as a whole. He strongly supports the idea that there is nothing more important than customer satisfcation and their needs fulfillment. His dedication towards the personalized customer care service has led this organization to be loved and appreciated by our clients. The team members are equally responsible for the growth of Rewa Soft. It’s their effort and faith that has enabled Rewa Soft to deliver the projects on time with the best possible features that one would need. Simply, Everyone at Rewa Soft knows what they are doing!!



We Strive to Serve the Society

Gone are the days when people purchased products offered by the companies. Buyers have become savvy and are looking for customized products. They have new demands every day. An organization can be successful only when it is able to realize that the ultimate purpose of business is to find out the actual demand of the market and is able to devise the ways to fulfil that demand. So, service providers need to create a dynamic package of service that covers the demands of the society.


We, at Rewa Soft critically analyse the need and demand of the society and come up with strategies and ideas that will contribute in the business promotion of our clients. We not only act as their IT partner but also their business consultant. Once we take the responsibility, we make sure that we create the best value for them.


At Rewa Soft, it is made sure that everyone is doing what they are best at. Therefore we love what we do.

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