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The primary purpose of your investment in a Website is more sales and higher revenue. We say this not just because of our knowledge but because we implement it in our professional practices as well. The experiences we have gained while working with different clients from diverse industries and countries as well as solving their unique requirements have helped us explore and implement the best approaches to ensure extreme effectiveness of the Online Presence of any business. We have been able to successfully exceed our client’s expectations with our expertise backed up by our keen interest in learning while serving every new client.

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Comprehensive Steps

Procedures for the Best Result

At Rewa Soft, thorough project requirement analysis is our top priority. Understanding custom web and mobile app requirements is essential for flawless execution and optimal results. Our refined workflow is built on years of experience and expertise.

1 Requirement Analysis

We communicate multiple times to understand and finalise the Project Concept. The Project Concept is then presented as Wireframe.

2 UI/UX Design

We present the Prototype after finalising the wireframe. Prototype of the Project is presented with the coporate identity (Logo, Colors, Fonts, Style).

3 Development

After approval of the Prototype of the Project, we start the Development. This incorporates the projected functions of the Software.

4 Testing & QA

Extensive testing of every aspect of the software is done until each and every element is perfectly ready to go live. 

5 Deployment

After the testing and QA the Project gets ready for the Deployment or to go Live. It will work 24x7x365 for your business! 


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