Websites, Web Apps and Mobile Apps; An Overview

It is very necessary to identify what your need is before making the decision of purchase. Analysing the type of business you operate, we will suggest what is the best option for you. Here's a brief overview of what we offer:



Websites are stack of web pages that are only intended to display the information of any particular business rather generating any user interference. They merely act like the digital online business brochures lacking effective communication.  Websites have rich content which users can only view and explore. Websites can be static which is the compilation of simple static web pages requiring no programming languages and databases; and dynamic which allows editing and updating the information on a timely basis created using different programming languages and Java Script.


Web Applications:

Web Applications are dynamic Web Pages that require higher user interference and engagements to operate. The input from the users is an essential part for the web app to proceed further. Web apps are more than just displaying contents. Web apps also called Rich Internet Applications have a business logic integrated to call the functions on the browser depending on the input of the user.  The information/ data from the user are then stored in the database.


Mobile Applications:

Mobile Applications, aka Apps are application software designed to run on mobile devices, like Smart phones or Tablets. Unlike desktop applications designed to run on desktop computers and web applications designed to run on web browsers, mobile applications run directly on mobile devices. However, Mobile Apps serve to provide users with similar features to those accessed on desktops.

Web / Mobile Applications that are uniquely customized for your requirement

For every single project of web application development, Rewa Soft at its lead does sincere analysis and conducts meeting with clients. This helps us finding your unique selling proposition and with our expertise we make your Digital Performance great through our software that we develop for you.


Study, analysis, client’s approval, wireframes, layout designs, prototypes, final approval of the client, etc. are the terminologies of the process we follow carefully while creating your unique web application which you consider the most important business tool enabled by technology for you to succeed.


While Developing mobile application for your business the most important but general features  of mobile application have to be considered sincerely to address your unique business requirement also.


Mobile application gives your users (your prospects and possible buyers of your service or product) personalised user experience. They don’t have to navigate all but uniquely required section of your website to get their things done. And, we know that you want your digital tool to act fast. Even in few seconds you would want something to happen that will generate leads and revenue for you.


Excited to find more about out how we make you succeed through your Web Application that we will brilliantly develop for you and our Mobile Application development process? Well not a problem, just give us a call at  +977 9851243682 We can’t wait to talk to you.