Web Development

Web Development

Website or Web Application? The requirement of your business and the level of automation you require in your Sales and Marketing are the main factors that decide the answer to the question. If you are a small business, basically a service provider then investing in a Business Brochure Website can be a better option. In Brochure Websites, your services are presented through well-written content supported with engaging infographics to let your target audience know about your unique selling proposition, other important details about you. An effective call to action button is also implemented for the fastest communication so that you get the leads of potential buyers of your services.


Whereas, if you are looking for higher automation in the sales and marketing of your products or services, then you might want to invest in Web Applications.


Web Applications provide advanced features to collect and store leads and insightful Data. You can also customize the features in your Web Applications to analyze the Data and generate organized reports crucial for your business.  Basically, Web Applications are highly recommended to those businesses which require a higher level of interaction with their product or service seekers.


We provide Business Brochure Websites, Standard CMS Websites, Complex Business Web Applications, E-Commerce Web Applications, Travel, and Tourism Portals, News and Magazine Portal, and other Web Based custom Software.


We believe in staying up to date with all emerging technologies to address the unique requirements of the market. Therefore, we use the latest versions of PHP (Laravel, WordPress), .NET Framework, JavaScript (node.js), for Backend Development, whereas we Use CSS, HTML, JavaScript (vue.js) for Front End Development. Our Wireframes and Prototype Designs are done with Figma and Adobe XD.


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