Since the inception of the company, it has always hired fresh graduates who were trained by hired expertise under the leadership of its founder, Ankur Mourya, an entrepreneur who believes that the purpose of any organization or any individual is to give good to the society and then only one can expect the good from the society. The founding culture of this organization based on this ideology of positivism. This society has given us the privilege to be able to serve it, so our main purpose is to serve you exactly the way you expect. This will help us be trusted by more clients and help us grow.


Rewa Soft is not only a place to work, it’s a place where one can learn, grow and thrive to be a better person and a good professional. We have learnt a lot from every single client. We would like to thank them all for teaching great lessons of professionalism and client satisfaction.


Understanding the value of the service industry, the techniques of good customer care, working strategically to meet the deadline (success rate 99.99% in meeting deadlines), inter department information exchange mechanism, use of software and apps for internal management, good eating habits, timely travelling, regular sports/exercises have enabled us to create stress free working environment at Rewa Soft. Once you enter the premises of Rewa Soft you will have a different vibe of extreme positivism. We love reading books, watching movies and dining at fine places also