Web App Cost

How Much Does an App Cost ?

You have an awesome concept and want to showcase it to people through Web and Mobile Applications, but one major question: How much does an App cost? The cost of developing any kind of Application primarily depends upon the features and level of technology used while developing it. So, there is not a fixed figure or quote that companies can provide. It requires a detailed analysis of the requirements and features that a client is looking to integrate into the desired App. A thorough analysis of the requirements can provide an estimated cost for developing an App.


The cost of Web Apps and Mobile Apps depend on the following factors:

1. App Platform

    • Android
    • IOS
    • Hybrid Apps

The platform in which you would like to develop and run the App influences the cost of its development. Developing Apps simultaneously in different platforms can be economic and effective as you will be investing the same level of effort in communication with the developers. In the context of Nepal, developing IOS Apps is generally costly than Android Apps. Highly expensive Apple gadgets and the Scarcity of IOS Developers can be the primary reasons behind it.


2.The complexity of Mobile/Web Applications

    • Simple Apps with minimal features
    • Apps with some advanced features like payment options, user dashboards and more
    • Complex Applications with various API Integration, Report Generation modules, and many more…
    • The features and the experience that you want the users to get, determine the complexities of the Applications.


3. Features implemented in the Application:

    • Level of UI and UX required
    • Login/Signup Features
    • Fast load speed
    • API Integration for Payment, Chatbots and other Third-Party Apps
    • Google Auto-complete APIs, Geo-location, Navigation and Maps integration
    • Responsiveness and Mobile Index able sites
    • In-App Purchases
    • AR/VR support
    • App Security
    • Screen Orientation
    • Database Connectivity
    • Multi-lingual
    • Advertisement Features
    • Search Feature
    • Push Notifications
    • Real-time Streaming
    • Synchronization
    • Offline Mode


On top of all, the cost of developing a mobile app or a web app also depends upon who you choose to work with. You will find freelancers as well as reputed companies to do the same task for you. But not to be forgotten, a company with a well-organized team of experts will always deliver the best product and you will always be on the safe side in terms of contract and agreements. Even if the cost of working with a registered company can look a little higher than with freelancers but ultimately, you will realize the quality of the work delivered by a fully-fledged team in terms of UI/UX and all other features.



P.S.: At the end of 2019, Google Play store had 2.57 million apps for Android while Apple’s App Store had 1.84 million apps for iOS. Users are searching for new interfaces, upgraded features, and an amazing User Experience every now and then. So, if you have a great concept that might fulfill the need of the users, why not build an app. Here are some benefits of having a mobile application for your business.

  • Increased visibility
  • Customer loyalty
  • Brand Recognition
  • Direct marketing Channel
  • Rise in Profits
  • Increased accessibility
  • Better Customer care


With Web and Mobile Apps you will always be ahead in your industry. Looking to build an App. Want to know about the cost of developing an App. Get in touch with us!