Video is processed 60,000 times faster than text

The Internet and advancement in the technologies have made it possible to consume the information in an advanced form. Even in School, these days students are given lesson through videos or slideshows that ensures students to learn more better and faster. One of the research says a video is processed 60,000 times faster than text, maybe that's why many of them are applying this strategy in their niche. People embrace how comfortable, direct and simple a video format is.


We have seen many people skip past the numerous texts and photos to look at videos. Do you remember reading the description of the last video you watched on Youtube? Well, we can't memorize on that, we just watched a ton of them. We know people are so habituated to watching one video after another whenever they are on Youtube. Whether it be for entertainment or information hunting we love to watch videos, so do you.


Videos create an instant connection that keeps your viewers watching. If you put out videos, you won't have to do the convincing part, they will swiftly click on it.


Being on a startup stage in any e-market, you might think video making can cost you a lot from your pocket but here at Rewa Soft, we have standard pricing that meets your requirements and also your budget form. We know videos are a must for higher conversion, greater ROI(Return on Investment) and more viewers. We can't overlook the fact that videos can gain. Our video production team focuses on grabbing you even the laziest of your audience to click on that play button.

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Different formats of videos only the Professional Videographers understand

In a nutshell, there are numbers of different types or formats of videos that only the professional videographers understand. If you are wishing on adding videos but is new to video making procedures or don't know how to begin with, fret not. Our video production team can support you in this journey. We have the expertise, tools, and devices to shoot, produce, edit and share your video using out digital marketing techniques. The visual storytellers in Rewa Soft aim on producing creative video content that connects with your viewers from the very first frame.


From the pre-production to final edits we have everything to match your requirements. We do corporate video production, commercial video production, interview videos, advertisement videos, company overview videos, travel videos to list out some, and many more - Give us a call to hear what we can do in your next video.