Founder of Rewa Soft, Ankur Mourya established this company only because he was passionate about serving customers so that they grow. The purpose of any service must be for the growth and betterment of that service buyer/taker. Therefore, he started the company with a dream of exceeding excellence in this service industry.


Rewa Soft has now become a good sized team of different expertise. The core values of Rewa Soft are:


Ethical Rewa Soft


Rewa Soft operates ethically. In every exchange of relation, service, money, we value all the involved parties and proceed ethically.

Teamwork Rewa Soft


Everyone in Rewa Soft actively takes the ownership of their responsibilities. We work in a system, so it is never required to seek for Teamwork because it is self-understood that successful completion of any task is carried out by a team work.

Teamwork Rewa Soft
Authentic Rewa Soft


Authenticity is not an individual sentiment. It has only one facet. Our communication with our clients, service approach, methodologies are authentic in general perception.

Fun Rewa Soft


We work for our lives, we love what we do, we smile with our clients, we know clients are indispensible part of our lives; therefore we have fun when we are working. At work, we are joyful.

Fun Rewa Soft
Customer-Oriented Rewa Soft


Everything we do, we plan, is to enhance the level of our expertise, our service so that our customers are always on top in the competition. Growth of Rewa Soft has always occurred when we wanted to do something better and extra for our clients.