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Favorable Society for Startups

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Favorable Society for Startups 16 OCT

Startups are for the betterment of the society. An entrepreneur thinks of something new or plans something in a new way to form a startup. For a startup to be successful its owner/s must think of something new. It doesn't necessarily need to be a new product or service, it can be existing product or service in a new way but the crucial part is capacity of the startup to deliver what it promises to deliver. And, a brilliant entrepreneur alone is not enough; he/she needs a team to deliver the promised output. The required team for any startup comes from the society. Therefore, the status of the society is a crucial factor for any startup to be successful. The status of available technology, scholars, engineers, managers, employees and of course the consumption pattern of services and products in that society drives the success factor of the startup.


We have dreamt so high and we are so dedicated about our dream. But, these factors directly affect the possibility of our dreams to come true. For any society to develop and to make a leap towards betterment, it must have the favorable conditions for the startups. For instance, the educational institute must know what’s going on in the society or what startups are showing up in the market. They must address the knowledge gap. Whereas the Government can enhance these movements by its policy and regulations. People living in the society are also very important. Our thinking process, our behavior pattern, and our economic attitudes decides the fate of the society we live in. If we are aspiring for the development then first of all we must be developed or we should follow the patterns of the developed society.


At Rewa Soft, we only think to make our society better and easier just by the means of services we offer.