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How to stay Safe during COVID 19 Pandemic | At and Away from Work 21 JUN
Rewa Soft

How to stay Safe during COVID 19 Pandemic | At and Away from Work

4,197,152 people have been confirmed to have been infected with Corona Virus as of 11th May 2020, causing 284,096 deaths. But 1,500,440 have successfully recovered around the globe. So, there is not m . . .

Management to Succeed! 16 OCT
Rewa Soft

Management to Succeed!

Hello and Namaste! Our outcomes are differing from the expectations. We expect something to happen to our life, our business, our study, our relationship and other many things but most of the time the . . .

Favorable Society for Startups 16 OCT
Rewa Soft

Favorable Society for Startups

Startups are for the betterment of the society. An entrepreneur thinks of something new or plans something in a new way to form a startup. For a startup to be successful its owner/s must think of some . . .

Digital Nepal 16 OCT
Rewa Soft

Digital Nepal

Digital Nepal The year is 2018 and Nepal is steadily progressing towards digital economy.   Gone are the days when our nearest cyber cafes used to be crowded on weekends with people surfing Fa . . .

Web Application vs. Website 3 JUN
Rewa Soft

Web Application vs. Website

Every day, we hear people talking about websites and web applications. More often than not, these terms are used interchangeably. If you ask Siri or Alexa the meaning of these two, chances are you wil . . .

Business presence in the 21st century 10 NOV
Rewa Soft

Business presence in the 21st century

Do you own a small business? Let's say a small flower shop or probably a boutique? If yes, then some of you might feel like internet marketing is not for you, or that you cannot gain much from the web . . .