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About Us

Rewa Soft, a digital marketing company dedicated to create and develop the most prominent digital media products, i.e., web application and mobile application. It offers wide ranges of services of design and development along with SEO, Digital Marketing and Consultation. Any requirements related to the growth of your sales, online brand promotion, content writing and digital marketing strategy formulation we do it all. You come here as a client and become the part of this company. We understand and feel your problem exactly the way you find it. Therefore, we find the best solution for your requirements.

  • Website Design and Development
  • Mobile Applications Development
  • Web Hosting and Domain Registration
  • SSL Installation
  • Digital Marketing Planning &

Strategy Development

  • Logo Design, Graphic Designs, Video Making

Facebook Instant Articles, YouTube Channel Monetization and Many more...

  • 1

    Requirement & Research

    After discussing your requirement with you, we present you a plan with a research. Our research is conducted online and we analyse your target market, audience/users, users behaviour and with these detail we plan your product.

  • 2

    Strategy and Structure finalisation

    After the analysis we finalise the design and development strategy and present it to you for your approval.

  • 3

    Create Sample Designs

    After the documentation, sample designs will be presented to you. Logo of your business or your preferred colour will be used in sample designs.

  • 4

    Develop and Optimize

    After your approval of the design and proposed functionalities, the development of your product begins. After completion of the whole project, we optimize your products for low data use to make your product fast and user friendly.

  • 5

    Test & Launch

    After development and optimization the product is tested in different environments. In this phase, bug fixing and suggested enhancements within the existing features will be carried out. After your final approval, your product will be launched.

  • 6

    Measure & Analyse

    We review analytic reports on a monthly basis. We can find how visitors are finding and interacting with your product. If you are targeting higher conversion from your web and mobile application, we will make it possible.